• Mostly about Vizslas…

    I've been "in the breed" long enough to have a solid understanding of why Vizslas aren't well-suited for the average home. Nor are they the best fit for someone wanting a hunting companion or a pointing dog to compete with in the multitudes of field and hunting games. Frankly, my responses to most of the inquiries I get about Vizslas is "they really aren't the easiest dogs to share your life with--especially if you've never owned a dog before."

    Sure, there are so many wonderful things about Vizslas. This is why I'm committed to educating others about the breed and to do my part to ensure it remains a relatively healthy breed. As a responsible breeder, I work hard to do my part to make sure my Vizslas are structurally sound, come from "proven" pedigrees--both in natural ability and good health--and are solid in temperaments.

    Oh, and yes...Vizslas do shed! ;-)

Experiencing the Hunt

Recently, someone asked me why I don’t post photos of me, my bird dogs and the birds we were successful in hunting. I had to think on my response. My immediate response? I’m not that good of a shot. If I was money with my shooting you bet your a$$ I would be posting pictures … Continue reading

Kosmo, a senior Vizsla, retrieving pheasant, chukar

Kosmo retrieving a pheasant. His registered name is CH Derby’s Read Em And Weep MH owned by Mel Reveles and Aaron Davis. Photographer is Mel Reveles.   Kosmo retrieving a chukar.  His registered name is CH Derby’s Read Em And Weep MH owned by Mel Reveles and Aaron Davis. Photographer is Mel Reveles.

Amante and Mel hunting wild pheasant in eastern Colorado

A Vizsla To Hunt With

I want a Vizsla to hunt with!  So, you say you want a Vizsla to be your hunting companion? And you live in Colorado? Here’s the scoop on hunting upland game in Colorado. First, it ain’t easy. If hunting upland game with a bird dog (Vizsla or otherwise) is your thing, you’re in the wrong … Continue reading

Bird Dog Training Supplies – My list of Tried and True Gear

I decided to write a post about the gear I’ve accumulated over these many years.  Initially, those new to training bird dogs may not understand the value of many of these items.  It wasn’t until I really understood how to use the gear properly and was able to see the results in the bird dogs … Continue reading

“Whoa” And The City – Bird Dog Training City Slicker Style

Using city distractions to proof ‘Whoa’, ‘Heel’, and ‘Here’ Yes, I dream of owning acreage (for the Vizslas, of course!) someday. I’d like at least enough land to do ‘yard work’ like ‘whoa’, ‘heel’, ‘here’, and practice a trained retrieve. Until this fine day arrives and I make The Big Purchase (Hello, lottery!), I make do with … Continue reading