Take a look around every now and then…you might spot something cool

I was sitting in my car this morning, waiting for the red light to change to green.  I was cold out–24 degrees.  Cloudy and gray.  The sky was spitting tiny little snow pellets.  A woman entered the cross walk.  She was dressed from head to toe in black running gear.  Except for a bright yellow scarf wrapped snugly around her neck.  The scarf made me grin.  For some reason, it lifted my heart a little.  I wasn’t aware it needed lifting.  Then, I saw her smile.  Big and as bright as that yellow scarf.  “How fabulous!”, I thought.  And, my heart soared and my grin grew into a smile about as big as hers.

Written by Mel Reveles and Aaron Davis of www.FusionVizslas.com. We are proud to be founding members of the Rocky Mountain Vizsla Club–”The Specialty Vizsla Club of Colorado”, and members of the Vizsla Club of America. We are also members of the American Kennel Club’s Breeder of Merit Program.

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