Socializing to umbrellas, flapping raincoats, and PUDDLES!!! – Crush’s (a Vizsla puppy) adventures

First–I *LOVE* that I taught my puppy to potty on command!  Though Crush doesn’t mind this spring weather or the RAIN we’ve enjoyed these past couple of days, it could have proven to be yet another distraction when we *need* her to potty.  She’s such a smart little bugger though!  And, from the beginning, we worked hard to link her elimination to a command (we use “hurry up”).  We go out several times in this rain, tell her “hurry up” and she drops her butt and gets her business done.  I feel so bad for my friends/co-workers as they come in groaning about how they have to shove their dogs out the door or walk them around the block for a half hour to try and get them to potty when it’s raining (while holding an umbrella over their dog).  ;-)

Love my clever little puppy!

Today we took a big, long walk (armed with lots of treats) through the downtown area where I knew we would see lots of umbrellas and flapping raincoats.  We did!  Crush’s initial reaction was mild uncertainty but it didn’t last long at all.  Soon, we were marching past umbrellas and flapping raincoats without a care in the world–except for the yummy treats my hand was liberally doling out.

A curiosity I *hadn’t* accounted for on our walk was Crush’s reaction to the massive puddles everywhere.  As we hurried across a busy street, I hopped over a puddle but Crush hit her brakes HARD.  She kept her eyes fixed to the puddle just in case it had intentions of swallowing her whole.  I quickly scooped her up to get out of traffic then found the nearest REALLY BIG PUDDLE (away from traffic this time) and we practiced walking through the puddle as well as hopping over
it.  I should have worn my galoshes today–alas, my socks and shoes will dry and my puppy now loves puddles.  ;-)

Written by Mel Reveles and Aaron Davis of We are proud to be founding members of the Rocky Mountain Vizsla Club–”The Specialty Vizsla Club of Colorado”, and members of the Vizsla Club of America. We are also members of the American Kennel Club’s Breeder of Merit Program.

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