Announcing Boulder’s N Fusion’s Vizslas’ Newest Conformation (Show) Champion!

CH Boulder's N Fusion's Heartbreaker CGC - "Crush" - Finishing her AKC Conformation Championship title

We’re so excited to present…CH Boulder’s N Fusion’s Heartbreaker CGC…call name, “Crush”.  Crush finished her AKC conformation championship title at 19 months of age.  Best of all–she won all points from the “Bred By Exhibitor” class with me (her co-breeder/owner/amateur), handling .  Why is this so meaningful to folks like me?  Because the “Bred By Exhibitor” class is reserved for dogs handled by their breeder and owner.  This is a class breeders are proud to exhibit pups from their breeding programs.  If we win the Bred By Exhibitor class we then go on to compete against the rest of the class winners for the points.

As I’ve said many, many times before, my passion is “real hunting” and running my Vizslas in hunting tests and field trials.  Though we enjoy the “show” game we do it primarily as a means to “prove” the dogs from our (Boulder Vizslas and Fusion Vizslas) breeding programs are structurally sound **AND** meet the breed standard.  The standard as posted on the AKC’s website,  As responsible breeders it is so very important we “walk the talk” and invest our precious resources into showing pups from our breeding program.  This is an important sacrifice we make so as to continue improving the Vizsla breed while keeping it’s dual qualities in the forefront our  breeding decisions.

An added benefit to showing Vizslas we’ve bred and have determined to be of “show quality” is the socialization these pups get when practicing at handling class as well as at the real shows.  The hustle and bustle of people (so many different shapes and sizes), dogs (so many varieties–big, tiny, heavy coats, fluffy coats, etc), pop-up tents, rolling carts, PA announcements, having strangers touch and examine, learning to travel safely in the car, learning to crate quietly ringside, learning to be okay with being away from “mom” and “dad”, a variety of smells and sounds…the list goes on!  We encourage our puppy homes to keep the option open to showing their pup (if the pup grows up to be of “show quality”) because of these many opportunities for safe socialization.

We also encourage our puppy homes to show (or allow us to show) their pups because it keeps a healthy, ongoing link between us the breeders, and the homes we’ve carefully chosen.  Watching the puppies grow up provides much information to us and helps us better mentor our homes.  We can provide insights on exercise (too much or too little), weight (overweight dogs don’t live as long and are more susceptible to injury/disease), training (we can help head off guarding behaviors, fear aggression, separation anxiety, teach **FOCUS**), and the overall health of our pups (are eyes bright?  coats shiny?  good energy?  nails trimmed?  teeth clean?).

The photo above is taken by one of our Vizsla Family members, Rob Mullins.  The photo is of me showing Crush (she’s in a “show stack”) in the Bred By Exhibitor class at the Rocky Mountain Vizsla Club’s Specialty show in Greeley, Colorado (August 2012).  Crush went on to win her class and then “went Winners Bitch” for the major win to finish her AKC conformation (show) Championship.  What an **exciting** day for us!!

Written by Mel Reveles of  All content is original with the exception of key words/phrases as quoted and credited to the source.  I am proud to be a founding member of the Rocky Mountain Vizsla Club– “The Specialty Vizsla Club of Colorado” and a member of the Vizsla Club of America. I am also a participant in the American Kennel Club’s Breeder of Merit Program.

Note: I understand the use of “who” in reference to a dog is grammatically incorrect but I’m just not able to refer to dogs, my beloved companions” as “things”.  :-)

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