Welcome to the Frat Party a.k.a. I’m not socializing my puppy that way so go away.

Please…PRETTY PLEASE read this!!!! Read it about 10 times and memorize. Then, read it again BEFORE getting a puppy. Come up with a *reasonable* plan for socializing your new puppy.

The Dog Snobs

With a lot of new owners the concept of socialization is harped on endlessly. Socialize your dog! Take them everywhere! Make them meet everyone! They have to meet all the dogs! Take them to puppy play sessions twice per day! The dog park is great for puppies! They need daily specialized socialization classes! They should love this!

Unfortunately, that extremist approach to a fairly simple concept has perpetuated something that’s hard to get around; There is an overwhelming belief that all dogs should love everyone and everything and anything outside of that assertion is somehow deviant, worrying, and likely a temperamental flaw to be crushed out, trained endlessly, or gotten rid of posthaste.

It’s beaten into our heads that dogs need friends and social lives and time off-leash, and freedom to be themselves and space and holy crap it’s starting to sound like you’ve got a child not a dog…

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