Bird Dog Training Supplies – My list of Tried and True Gear

I decided to write a post about the gear I’ve accumulated over these many years.  Initially, those new to training bird dogs may not understand the value of many of these items.  It wasn’t until I really understood how to use the gear properly and was able to see the results in the bird dogs … Continue reading

“Whoa” And The City – Bird Dog Training City Slicker Style

Using city distractions to proof ‘Whoa’, ‘Heel’, and ‘Here’ Yes, I dream of owning acreage (for the Vizslas, of course!) someday. I’d like at least enough land to do ‘yard work’ like ‘whoa’, ‘heel’, ‘here’, and practice a trained retrieve. Until this fine day arrives and I make The Big Purchase (Hello, lottery!), I make do with … Continue reading

The Heart of a Competitor

I’ve been thinking on this.  A bunch but not too much.  I’ve learned, as I age, to try not to “overdo it” — regardless of the “it”.  I’ve learned in order to find balance I need to do some things — like intentional rather than mind-wandering thinking — just *enough* to settle my mind.  Doing … Continue reading

It’s about fairness — Giving your bird dog the tools to make the correct choices

We know enough about canine behavior now to know they learn differently than we do.  They aren’t little humans covered in fur.  We also know dogs are highly intelligent and masters of observation.  They have to be in order to survive, even thrive, in “our” world.  They interpret the “unsaid”, the nuances much better than any … Continue reading

Yes, I train my bird dogs with e-collars. [ gasp! ]

Vizslas model neoprene hunting vests

I’m sick of it.  All of the negative, nasty talk around e-collars.  Yes, many have used them irresponsibly and are to blame for the image some now hold of these devices. If you’re opposed to e-collars then skip this post.  I have no patience to hear or read your comments.  Believe me–I’ve heard/read plenty thus … Continue reading