Hunting Over A “Senior” Bird Dog

9 Year Old Vizsla Kosmo After The Hunt - December 2011

…is like savoring a fine wine.  The fullness and subtle complexities are noted and enjoyed.  Each sip is oh-so satisfying. Years ago a friend commented on how much she preferred hunting over “older” bird dogs.  I never thought to ask her why I just recall finding the comment interesting.  At the time I didn’t have … Continue reading

Fashionably Late (to the world of blogging)?

I’ve been thinking about adding blogging to my already over-flowing plate of responsibilities.  Having carefully thought through a strategy, I’ve decided I’ll only blog when: a) I have something important to write about (hey now, important to me counts!) b) I have time–don’t expect daily posts! c) I feel the need to blather on about … Continue reading