Experiencing the Hunt

Recently, someone asked me why I don’t post photos of me, my bird dogs and the birds we were successful in hunting. I had to think on my response. My immediate response? I’m not that good of a shot. If I was money with my shooting you bet your a$$ I would be posting pictures … Continue reading

A Vizsla To Hunt With

Amante and Mel hunting wild pheasant in eastern Colorado

I want a Vizsla to hunt with!  So, you say you want a Vizsla to be your hunting companion? And you live in Colorado? Here’s the scoop on hunting upland game in Colorado. First, it ain’t easy. If hunting upland game with a bird dog (Vizsla or otherwise) is your thing, you’re in the wrong … Continue reading

Bird Dog Training Supplies – My list of Tried and True Gear

I decided to write a post about the gear I’ve accumulated over these many years.  Initially, those new to training bird dogs may not understand the value of many of these items.  It wasn’t until I really understood how to use the gear properly and was able to see the results in the bird dogs … Continue reading

“Whoa” And The City – Bird Dog Training City Slicker Style

Using city distractions to proof ‘Whoa’, ‘Heel’, and ‘Here’ Yes, I dream of owning acreage (for the Vizslas, of course!) someday. I’d like at least enough land to do ‘yard work’ like ‘whoa’, ‘heel’, ‘here’, and practice a trained retrieve. Until this fine day arrives and I make The Big Purchase (Hello, lottery!), I make do with … Continue reading

The Heart of a Competitor

I’ve been thinking on this.  A bunch but not too much.  I’ve learned, as I age, to try not to “overdo it” — regardless of the “it”.  I’ve learned in order to find balance I need to do some things — like intentional rather than mind-wandering thinking — just *enough* to settle my mind.  Doing … Continue reading