When an old bird dog loses his hearing – The big game-changer

Pointing dog (Vizsla) is "Kosmo"/CH Derby's Read Em And Weep MH. Honoring dog (Vizsla) is "Amante"/CH Boulder's Bolder Amante MH.

Cussing out the squirrels was among his top ten.  Back when he was young and all was in working order he could hear the chatter of a squirrel two houses away.  He’d spring from his sleep and race outside to hunt that squirrel.  He’d wait hours if need be.  Poised under that branch.  Eyes locked … Continue reading

An interesting walk with Crush (our 4 month old Vizsla puppy) yesterday

I wanted to write a quick note about my “interesting” walk with Crush on Tuesday.  Crush is just over 4 months old. I bring Crush to work most weekdays (I park in a safe garage) and Aaron and I walk her through the often hectic, loud and rushed downtown life.  This has proved to be … Continue reading

Socializing to umbrellas, flapping raincoats, and PUDDLES!!! – Crush’s (a Vizsla puppy) adventures

First–I *LOVE* that I taught my puppy to potty on command!  Though Crush doesn’t mind this spring weather or the RAIN we’ve enjoyed these past couple of days, it could have proven to be yet another distraction when we *need* her to potty.  She’s such a smart little bugger though!  And, from the beginning, we … Continue reading

Raising a well-adjusted, balanced Vizsla – Crush’s adventures (thunder and lightening)

Just a quick note to talk about thunder-phobic dogs and how challenging they can be.  If you’ve had one–you know how stressful each thunderstorm can be. If you haven’t, google it and after 5 minutes of research you’ll quickly understand why you hope your pup will be proofed against this. Tonight (here in Denver) we … Continue reading

What Exactly Is This “Field Trial” Business All About Anyway? The Basics Of AKC Field Trials

What is an AKC “field trial”? AKC licensed field trials are events in which dogs compete against each other for points toward Field and/or Amateur Field Championship titles. There are field trials for pointing, retrieving, and flushing breeds.  The abbreviation for a “Field Champion” is FC and AFC for an “Amateur Field Champion”.   Because these … Continue reading