What a correct honor or “back” looks like (pointing dogs)

Here’s a short clip from a training session over the weekend: This is what a correct honor looks like.  We see so many lousy honors, we were inspired to post what a correct, stylish one looks like.  If I were to nitpick, I would say it could be improved upon if Trip (the honoring Vizsla) … Continue reading

Playing American Kennel Club (AKC) hunting test games at the Senior and Master levels

Once upon a time…back somewhere around 2003, Aaron and I (Fusion Vizslas) attended our first AKC hunting test (pointing).  I’ll save that story for a future post but thinking back on how little we knew then still brings a smile to my face.  And, it brings a feeling of humility as I think about how … Continue reading

Protecting Our Vizslas During Harsher Winter Conditions

The Pointing Dog Journal just sent a great little article on taking care of our hunting dogs during the winter.  Here’s the link, http://email.villagepress.com/pub/PDJ/110202/Feb11_Winter_Season_Tips.html–worth the quick read. After reading the article, I thought of a couple of things I wish they would have included.  Here they are: 1. Coats – Hold on now, before you … Continue reading

A lingering pain…still mourning the loss of our beloved gun dog and companion, Remus

Our first Vizsla Remus, CH Shakin’ My Booty Rezzamatazz CGC SH, was born today.  Just typing that sent a shooting pain through my heart.  Perhaps this is what “bittersweet” feels like.  This day was once a joyful day we celebrated for so many years.  Now, a painful memory.  Painful because in my mind’s eye I … Continue reading

Social Responsibility–Paying it Forward in the Pointing Dog World

Aaron and I spent the weekend in Agate, Colorado at the Skyline Brittany’s hunting tests.  This is one of our absolute favorite things to do–run our dogs in AKC hunting tests and cheer our fellow exhibitors on. Why do we so enjoy AKC hunting tests?  Because of the strong sense of community and the camaraderie … Continue reading