The photos tell the tale: An example of why we teach our Vizslas to retrieve to hand

Vizsla Kosmo Demonstrates a Perfect "Retrieve to Hand"

This is a brief entry.  Primarily, because the photos below tell the story pretty well on their own.  These photos are perfect examples of why we teach our Vizslas to retrieve to hand.  And, why we put the extra work into proofing their retrieves.  The photos illustrate exactly what can and does happen when testing/trialing … Continue reading

Playing American Kennel Club (AKC) hunting test games at the Senior and Master levels

Once upon a time…back somewhere around 2003, Aaron and I (Fusion Vizslas) attended our first AKC hunting test (pointing).  I’ll save that story for a future post but thinking back on how little we knew then still brings a smile to my face.  And, it brings a feeling of humility as I think about how … Continue reading